The project comprises a number of multi-residence buildings that will add eight apartments to the existing residential area.

The Tingsrydsbostäder Foundation is responsible for the project and has chosen to order prefabricated wall elements for delivery as complete units, ready for immediate installation. This means that on delivery, all panels, windows and insulation are already in place, making it quick and simple to weatherproof the building – and a weatherproof building significantly facilitates assembly and installation in wintry conditions in February/March.

In addition to the exterior walls, PreFast has delivered interior walls, firewalls, open floor elements (Posi Joist) and a complete roof solution. As the Tingsrydsbostäder Foundation has chosen to order everything from PreFast, it is simple to deliver at a pace to match the progress of the installation, simplifying the work of both PreFast and the customer.