T&G sheets

Flexible manufacturing process
T&G sheets are quicker to install on roofs and provide a better result than individual T&G planks. And if you can have the panels cut to size for the project and delivered to the roof itself, all the boxes have been duly ticked.

PreFast provides T&G sheets made to measure as regards dimensions, quantity and delivery location. In order to meet demands in the construction sector, we have focused on maximum flexibility at our plant in Sölvesborg, Sweden. We know that it makes a huge difference if you can receive a specific quantity of tongue and groove panels shaped to fit in areas where the distance between roof trusses is inconsistent. We can pack in stacks according to client requiremen.

Pure pine
We use pine wood to manufacture our tongue and groove panels. We cut them to size and guarantee security, user-friendliness and climate protection. We can also deliver panels primed as extra protection against microbial growth during the construction phase. A secure solution for everyone looking to save time and eliminate worry.

Quality assured
Our panels are type approved, which means that they are approved for parallel jointing and for all roof coverings.

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